*LEGEND Grade Exotics* 1/4 OZ (7G) Do-Si-Lato 30.1% THC

  • Legend Grade Exotics Do-Si-Lato
  • Legend Grade Exotics Do-Si-Lato

Delicious sweet sugary exotic strain that blasts you right in your dome with creamy gassy notes and a euphoric relaxation

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Also known as the Do-Si-Lato or the Dosi-Lato strain, this bud is the perfect blend of two amazing marijuana parents. Its breeders decided to cross Do-Si-Do and Gelato, which resulted in a sweet and delicious bud with highly appealing, long lasting effects. Once you try this pot, you’ll definitely want to make another purchase.

The Dolato buds have dense nugs with olive green color and rich purple undertones, resembling the Indica plants. The thick coating of frosty bright crystals is due to the trichomes and high potency, which is why this strain has so many medical effects to brag for.

Both parents of the Dolato strain come from the cookie family. The Dolato weed also has some Kush heritage, which is evident in the flavors and features of the plant. As you can expect with such combo, the Dolato cannabis provides many of the effects of the Cookies lineage, including the sweet scent that pops right when you open the container.


I've been pretty 100% invested in the concentrate and edible game recently and on my journey of dealing with the suppliers of my other products I have been finding the people with the best quality weed in the whole region. This quality is super hard to beat and is representative of the kind of weed you could expect to find at the $300+ Ounce range in the dispensaries in LA.

I was always discouraged from trying to sell super high quality flower on here and investing a significant amount of money because the market seemed to be largely wanting deps and lower quality indoor so there was no way I would compete with the rock bottom prices when people are trying to get the most bang for their buck. I thought "shit imma sit on these packs for a minute" or "they'll get old" or "nobody wants to pay for top quality indoor". But after smoking on a bunch of this shit and reading about how everyone is looking for the "exotic rapper top shelf weed" I figured fuck it. Scared money doesn't make money. I would go balls deep and buy the best tier packs that rappers in LA would buy to smoke on for them and their crews because there is a shortage of the "rapper exotic weed" on here and anyone who tries this stuff will quickly realize how dank weed can be :) 


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